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  • Lori Carol Maloy

Author Spotlight Series

Welcome to my author spotlight series, where I will be spotlighting authors and sharing their stories, their work, and their struggles. I am so excited about this author series because I am also a struggling writer and want to give back as I work my way toward publication by noticing the hard work of my peers and sharing their writing.

I will be spotlighting both bestselling writers, as well as new and aspiring writers; those who have been publishing great work for years and those that haven’t published yet. And let’s not forget those wonderful writers who are somewhere in between. Being a writer is both a thrilling and humbling experience.

Writing is also a place where we struggle to pen the words floating around inside our heads, no matter what stage of writing we are in. Sometimes the words flow easily and sometimes they have to be torn from our souls and scattered onto the paper dripping with our own blood; yes, sometimes it is that difficult for words to make the transition from heart, to head, to paper.

Writing is an amazing experience and one I would recommend everyone engage in at least once in their life. Some of us will write full time, totally immersed in the world our prose create. For others, writing is a part time endeavor because bills have to be paid and families have to be loved. And there are others who spin out brief compositions through journaling. This exercise helps them express themselves and release the inner joy or turmoil and angst for the simple joy of freeing the soul and mind. For these folks, writing is both private and sacred; and rightly so, but they are also writers though they may not aspire to be noticed. For some, there is so much pressure to get the words right the first time, their prose never make it onto paper, and that is sad, because everyone’s experiences are so unique and each one tells their tale so differently that in the absence of their story, we have all lost something previous.

Writing also helps us let go of yesterday and releases the mind of clutter. Writing is freedom from painful chains. There is a secret every reader must know; there are pieces of a writer’s soul entwined and hidden inside every character they create and within every theme they express.

So, if you have words inside your head, please write them down. Write, if not for anyone but yourself, please take pen in hand. And that will be enough. Think of all the words we read that touch our hearts so deeply. What if they’d never been written down? Oh, what a dreadful thought, indeed!

I invite you to pop in from time to time and sees who’s under the spotlight. Who knows! One day, that author just might be you.

Happy Writing!

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