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Galactic Heritage Series by Matt Coleman

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I've written a science fiction action adventure under the pen name Matt Coleman so that the genre conflict doesn't interfere with my thrillers.


Galactic Heritage is a Sci-fi adventure novel about caver Gunnar McConnell who inherits a treasure map from his uncle. He goes deep into one of the dangerous caves on his uncle's Tennessee property and follows the map until he finds a Holocene class spacecraft that only his DNA can activate.


An Aloysian agent has been assigned to his case, but before he is certified to fly the ship on his own, she disappears.

This doesn't deter him. He defies Aloysian instruction and takes the Enoch into space to search for her, and in the process, finds adventure, danger, and mystery along the way.


I hope you follow Gunnar in this exciting adventure series.

Galactic Heritage 

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Book 2 in the Galactic Heritage Book series is Godwalker.


Gunnar McConnell and his crew embark on a dangerous mission to outsmart Arvad and find the ancient coins before he does.


Gunner is in a position that if he fully commits, he will be given secrets to his lineage, his Keeper skills and learn about the family he never knew.


Godwalker has an added bonus short story at the end of Book two's e-book and print versions called- Descending into Arden. This story provides insight into a major Ardenic battle with the Krillies and the intriguing adventures of Gunnar's ancestors. Story available on Kindle ebook and in the Paperback book only. 

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Galactic heritage lost code book

Book 3 in the Galactic Heritage series is Lost Code is out. You can order now!

Join Gunnar and his crew as they travel the soliton wave on another adventure full of mystery, intrigue, and suspense.

Once they find more clues, they realize they must pull off one of the greatest heists in galactic history. Can they fool the gods of war and steal one of the most treasured posessions in the galaxy or will they fail and risk arrest and execution?

Lost Code is now available in Paperback and Kindle. Date for Audible release is TBA. 

Bonus short story in the Galactic Heritage universe - Descending into Arden will be available in Book three's Audio Book.

Thank you, Variant Publications and JN Chaney for having faith in my novels and publishing my Galactic Heritage series. 

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