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I’m a retired mental health therapist and lover of all thing's fiction. My favorite genres are thriller, mystery, sci-fi, and psychological suspense, and this is what I love to write as well as read.

My retirement has allowed me to spend most of my time writing short stories, novels, and of course, editing what I’ve written until I drive myself mad.

Since I am reading so many thrillers and psychological suspense and mystery novels, I wanted to begin sharing these stories and my thoughts about these books with you. I’m so excited about discussing complex plots and intriguing characters with anyone who will listen.

I live in Central Florida with my white collie. When I’m not writing or editing or reading, ballroom dance calls me onto the dance floor. I have a strong faith and hope my readers find nuggets of hope as they walk alongside my characters and peek into their lives.

My characters do tend to find themselves in the most difficult situations, and I suppose I’m at fault for getting them into these binds. Sometimes I’m asked how I create the individuals inside my work, and I would say that germs for my characters come from somewhere inside me, along with my life experiences, and the crazy world around me. I finish forming these characters from research, my wild imagination, and a drop of creativity to hone them into who I want them to be.


Hopefully unique and full of personality.


It is also like that with my stories. Everything and anyone I see and experience can help generate a story. I’ll hurry and write those bits down before I forget and then come back to them later when I’m finished with my current project.

Crafting stories is also very cathartic and part of why I love to write and read. I would encourage everyone, even those who don’t consider themselves to be writers, to create their own stories and keep a journal. This will help you discover yourself and find your way home. 


I either want to create a world or get lost in one.

As a therapist, I suppose I have always been fascinated with why people act and react the way they do. I am still a bit of a mystery to myself. I hope you will follow me on my writing journey, and we can enjoy the depth of these fictional characters and their strange new world together.

Lori Carol Maloy

Forest Sunrays
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Lori Carol Maloy, Author

Retired Therapist Goes Rogue

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