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Armored: A Heart-Pounding Action Thriller Novel by Mark Greaney

Updated: Mar 3

Book Review by Lori Carol Maloy

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Armored by Mark Greaney

Genre: War Thriller/High-Action/Suspense

Publisher: Penguin - Random House

Published: 2023

Profanity: Some


From the creator of The Gray Man series, Mark Greaney brings you a stand-a-lone novel called Armored: a high intensity non-stop action thriller that will keep you on the edge-of-your-seat.

Josh Duffy is an ex-protection agent, an elite and highly skilled bodyguard who lost part of his leg during a previous mission. Duffy’s sudden release from his protection duties came hard and fast once he lost his leg. He isn't prepared for how his disability has changed his life physically, emotionally, and financially slowing him down and keeping him from doing the work he is trained for.

The dangerous jobs he previously tagged easily are now out of his reach.

Though racked with PTSD and a disability, he pushes through and takes a job as a mall cop, willing to do whatever he can to take care of his family. The new position and the cut in salary further increase his deflated sense of self.

Duffy is human—a believable character.

But when he bumps into someone he used to work with, he gets an opportunity to apply for a new mission. Though the job is high-risk, the employers questionable, he is more than interested. This job involves taking his protectee's through drug-cartel invested territories high in the Sierra Madres.

Duffy decides not to mention his disability.

He needs the near $2,000 a day salary. The money could change his family's situation.


But since the injury he's out of shape. In addition, he's a little jumpy about the detail, but he's desperate and takes the job.

As he climbs higher into the cartel infested mountains, he realizes he may not live through the upcoming conflict.

I was so excited when I found Armored and knew from the first page it was going to be good.

Not only did I thoroughly enjoy Armored, but I love Greaney’s Gray Man novels. I actually found this series because I wanted to write a book about a mercenary called The Gray Man. Isn’t that crazy? Once I Google-searched the title and found it was taken, I became intrigued and started reading his books.


Wow. I was impressed.


Greaney's novels are full of non-stop action and suspense-. His novels are difficult to put down, and the last page only leaves you wanting more. Now that I've finished Armored, I’m once again in the middle of a reading marathon of his Gray Man novels.


Greaney’s characters are well-developed and true to life. Like us, they have real problems, intense emotions and fears. True to life, these characters also experience humor, joy, and loss. They face insurmountable odds and tough decisions. Even his minor characters are believable and well-developed—easy to root for or hate. This novel has it all.


What I didn’t like.

I had to really dig to find something I didn’t like, but I found Ms. Flores a little annoying at first, and I wondered why she tagged along on the mission, but she grew on me, and I found her resistance and no-nonsense a great addition to the plot.

Armored would make a fantastic movie. It is intense and so packed with action, you'll have to put the novel down to come up for air.


For me, Armored is a huge Knives Up.


I think Mark Greaney is hands-down, one of the most talented novelists for political & action thrillers that I’ve read in a while. If you enjoyed the movies Lone Survivor, Black Hawk Down, 12-Strong, you’ll love this novel—


Again, do check out his Gray Man series. The Gray Man is the first in its series and you can watch the movie, starring Ryan Gosling, on Netflix. I thoroughly enjoyed the film.

Mark Greaney is also known for his co-writes and his writing collaborations with Tom Clancy.


You can’t go wrong with a Greaney novel!


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Happy Reading, Lori

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