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Past Tense Novel by Lee Child - A Jack Reacher Thriller Mystery

Book Review by Lori Carol Maloy

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Past Tense Novel by Lee Child

Genre: Psychological Thriller/Mystery/Suspense

Publisher: Delacorte Press

Published: November 5, 2018

Profanity: Some

In the novel Past Tense, book 23 in the Jack Reacher series, wandering Jack Reacher finds

himself in New England. He spots the town where his father was born and is instantly curious.

He decides to stay a few days and find the house where his dad grew up. But no one is talking, and his inquiry becomes a full-blown investigation.

At the same time a young Canadian couple begin to have car trouble and need to stop for repairs. They are enroute to Florida with hopes of starting up a business on the beach with the money they get from the treasure they hope to sell in New York City along the way. The owners of the hotel seem more than friendly in an eerie kind of way, and the creepiness only gets worse.

As Reacher hits roadblocks during his search and is informed that his father never lived there,

the Canadian couple encounter one problem after another with the hotel owners. The POV goes back and forth between Reacher and the Canadians as these dual stories grow in deadly intensity and suspense.

Eventually, Reacher and the sleepy hotel collide, and he encounters the Canadian couple.

This novel offers plenty of action, mystery, intensity, and suspense. I found it a thrill to read and couldn’t put it down. A page turner. Lee Child did a wonderful job building intensity and following through on giving answers as the mysteries unfolded.

You won’t be disappointed in this enjoyable read. If you like Jack Reacher novels, great

characters, as well as plenty of mystery and suspense, pick this one up.

See you next month with another suspenseful thriller.

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Happy Reading, Lori

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