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Writer & Reviewer

Writing and reading thriller, suspense, mystery, and psychological mind-bending fiction is what I enjoy.


Having a therapist's heart, I love to peek inside the mind and try to understand.


Stay tuned for info on my short stories and upcoming novel.


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Writers Digest 2021 Award

Published Works

90th Annual Essay WD Writing Competition 

Passion’s War

 No one could tame or lure her in, not even hints of kindness; everything and everyone was suspect, dangerous...


I’m a retired mental health therapist and lover of all thing's fiction. My favorite genres are thriller, mystery, and psychological suspense, and this is what I love to write as well as read.


I live in Central Florida with my white collie. When I’m not writing, editing, reading, or hanging with my grandkids, ballroom dance calls me onto the dance floor. I have a strong faith and hope my readers find nuggets of hope as they read my work and get to know my characters. 

Join the Knives Up Book Club and enjoy catching movie and book reviews, along with other surprises.

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Lori Carol Maloy

Retired Therapist Goes Rogue

Thriller Writer Having Fun Reviewing Thrillers & Mysteries

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