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Soul Journey

Join me on a soul journey, a quest that will require strength of heart, patience and acceptance, a willingness to love all that you are.

This quest might be long and arduous, even painful at times. But along the way you will discover who you really are, and this discovery will lead you home.

Published Works

Writers Digest 2021 Award

Lori won the 90th Annual Essay WD Writing Competition with

Passion’s War


Author Spotlight

JN Chaney Author Spotlight

JN Chaney is well-known for his Renegade Universe. Currently a 16-book series. His works are available in both print and audio and offered by Podium books and Audible and Amazon Kindle.

JN Chaney can be found all over the internet and throughout the Indie author community. He migrates back and forth between Avon Park, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada. I’m a bit partial to JN’s work, as he is my son and has pressed me for years to return to writing, which I have.

Book Recommendations 

About Lori


Do you ever feel lost, wondering where you belong? Have life's bumps and curves reshaped you into someone you no longer recognize?


As life presents itself, heartaches come and go and disappointments begin to tell us who we are, and feelings emerge that distance us and tell us we don't belong.

 Will you follow me toward home? To that place of inner peace where there is true acceptance of the self? I pray you have the desire.​

"I used to see myself in the reflection of your light. Now I see the image of myself forming through the light in my own eyes."...​ LCM

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